Megasquirt software configuration

My setup ain't perfect and I recommend you start from scratch and arrive at these values on your own. The following settings are for a 9.6:1 B20 with standard bore, ported head and 272 cam running 12psi of boost through a VPD supercharger. My VE tables are obviously set up for positive pressure but they should run any B20 pretty well. Note I am running megasquirt 'n spark code so my configuration screens may look very different from yours. I don't run 02 correction so I did not post any screenshots of those menus.

Main constants

I use inline resistors to the injectors so my PWM current limit and PWM Time threshold are set according to the megamanual. Works great. Version 3 hardware should be good for PWM control if you want to go that route - set according to the megamanual. I've been using "aternating/2 squirts" since I first installed megasquirt but this isn't the only valid scenario.

Cranking constants

Take these with a grain of salt. An OK starting point but you'll need to play. I don't have a fast idle valve hooked up since I installed the blower so it is kind of hard to do cold starts. My car is more for competition right now so I've neglected this area.

ASE constants

Like above - my afterstart stuff is far from perfect.

VE Table

This is a 12x12 VE table that can manage boost up to a little more than 1 bar

Warmup Table

This should be pretty good - cold climate dwellers will need to spend some more time here.

Spark constants

These are the constants I use with an MSD 6A/blaster2 coil and a perlux ignitor as trigger. My Trigger Angle is based on the modifications I made to my distributor body (read my article on MSNS for more details)

Spark Map

This is a decent map for boosted spark.

Hope that helps,
steve berry